Scheme App

An Enterprise ANDROID application that help real time collection over its customers.


An app that connect computing devices embeded in every day object enabling them to send & recieve data.

Folks Pos

Its a MIS app for food court. It help managers to take proper decesion for business activities.


Its an app which act as a electronic sales officer

Ensure Admin

Gold Catalogue app support jewellery business organizations to make reach of their products to maximum number of customers

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solid comms, project mile stones and regular updates

CODEFOLKS Deliver innovative, tailor-made software and App for our clients to connect; people and information. We support our clients to navigate their business in web, enterprise solution,cloud and mobile space through strategy, insight, design and collaborative development. We always gives priority to transform data into action with perfection.

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It is tough to find out the patternism in our highlights. Because we are strictly stand for creativity that emerges in each of our hair..

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We are not claiming that we are doing magic from vacuum.We observe each pulse of the new trends

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Skipping is not our cup of tea, But defeating is not our habit. If there is solution by us, It will be perfect

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Enterprises Development
Sharepoint Apps
UX, UI Responsive
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Mobile Apps
Web Application

For the enterprise portal development we have experience with Microsoft SharePoint server since fromm its inception. We use to manage diversified business market, team resource, data and content in enterprise environment with the support of insight collaboration, integration, workflow, electronic forms and single sign-ons.

Our process of developing apps and websites is not restricted to coding on the back-end. We have invested heavily in methodologies like responsive design so that your users can have a superlative and a device agnostic user experience. A good UX is critical to the success of an app or a site.

We are a member of the iOS Developer Program,Microsoft Biz-spark community and a registered Google Play Developer. This means we have access to the latest tools, frameworks and SDKs to develop updated and cutting edge apps.

Our team has good experience in certain Domains and we have few products in the same with a high rated client testimonials, we gives more priority to Manpower, Retail, Learning and BI Stuffs, on the on the other hand we have a good track record in custom and tailor-made application development even with SOA QWS